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Tremor: Drug Options, Wearable Devices, DBS & Focused Ultrasound

The seminar will discuss the different causes of tremor, as well as pharmacologic, nonpharmacologic and surgical options for tremor. The seminar will also compare and contrast focused ultrasound versus deep brain stimulation for management of tremors not sufficiently controlled with medications.
March 4, 2023

Imbalance and Dizziness in Movement Disorders

During this activity we will discuss the definitions of dizziness, vertigo, poor balance and lightheadedness.

We will also review how these symptoms present in patients with Movement Disorders, in particular Parkinson Disease, PD-Plus syndromes, Tremor disorders and Ataxia.

We will also review some treatment options.
December 2, 2022

Deep Brain Stimulation: Patient Educational Program

Learn about Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) which can be life-changing in patients with Parkinson's disease or Essential Tremor who do not respond sufficiently to medications. Learn how DBS can allow you to decrease or potentially discontinue your medications, and bring back your quality of life.
September 23, 2022