How Can I Help?

Make a Donation

Your donation will be put forward to fund the Foundation’s programs and activities, which include weekly boxing classes, Deep Brain Stimulation classes, educational events and more.

Become a Sponsor

Invest in the Foundation and let your brand or organization become a partner in all of the Foundation’s programs and activities.

Not only are you allowing people living with movement disorders to participate in the Foundation’s events, you also take part in their healing.

Planned Giving

Share your legacy with the Foundation and we will make sure that you leave a lasting impression in the movement disorders community.

Your gift will also give security to the Foundation's future endeavors for years to come.

Donate Assets

Donate a vehicle or other assets to the Foundation and we'll make sure they're put to good use.


If you are a support group leader, healthcare or social care provider, giving your time to the Foundation will go a long way towards the benefit of people living with movement disorders.

Attend our Events

You can attend one of our scheduled events and see for yourself how the Foundation helps people living with movement disorders.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us or any of the Foundation's staff and talk to us about how you can help.

If you are interested in learning more about donating to Movement Disorders Foundation of Arizona, please contact the Foundation at (480) 403-4635 or email us at


Our Mission

To enrich the lives of people living with movement disorders through continuing education, funding research, and building community support around them.


Our Vision

We imagine a future world free of movement disorders, where everyone has free and easy access to supportive care.


Our Commitment

Together with our partners and volunteers, we will continue to help the movement disorders community by raising awareness and encouraging a culture of giving within the community.

Questions & Answers

How can I contact you?

You can call us on the phone at (480) 403-4635.

If you have any other questions, you can email us at

How can I mail my donation?

You can donate through any of our electronic channels, or you can contact us directly via email or phone if you wish to do so through another medium.

Will I get a receipt?

You will receive an acknowledgement letter with an itemized list of your donations in kind.

Is my donation secure?

As long as you contact us through the proper channels, all your donations are safe and secure. You can also choose to be anonymous and none of your contact details will be revealed anywhere in the Foundation's events or media.

Are there other ways to give?

Please contact MDFA through the phone or email and let's explore what forms of support you can give the Foundation.

Is this donation tax deductible?

The IRS recognizes the Movement Disorders Foundation of America as a section 501(c)(3) public charity. Your contributions to MDFA may be eligible for tax deduction in the United States. Please consult your tax advisor for eligibility. No goods or services were or will be offered or provided in exchange for your contributions.

Our Federal Tax ID is 81-2151213. You may search for our organization at Tax Exempt Organization Search | Internal Revenue Service (